Why I’m Here

I started this blog (again) with a lot of encouragement from my husband. Every time I or we went through something or struggled with something, I turned to the internet, looking for some other woman to share her experience and learn from her struggle. Then I’d have a lot of feelings and opinions, and my husband prompted me to write it all down. One day he said, “You turn to all these other women with similar experiences, why not start writing and be the woman others look to for experience and encouragement?” So here I am.

Maybe that is a really lofty goal and the only person I will really help will be myself… But hey, here’s to trying!

A little bit about me: I am married to the love of my life, J. We have one baby in Heaven. His name is August Isaac, and his story and impact on our lives is something you’ll definitely see on this blog. We also have two dogs, Allie and Duncan, who are as sweet and playful as can be.

Here you’ll find my musings on daily life and married life, teaching and education, my Catholic faith, miscarriage and life after loss.


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