Let’s Try This Again

Ah, settling back into the rhythm of writing in this space. I have so many unpublished posts, many of which will likely never see the light of day. But many late nights were spent writing and processing and sharing thoughts that raced through my mind and weighed on me.

After 5.5 years of teaching, I called it quits back in December. I was able to return in the new year and bring my replacement up to speed, which I was so grateful for! But ultimately have stepped away from teaching and am now home full time with my two (yes, TWO now!) kiddos. It’s been the biggest and most beautiful adjustment to our home and family life in these 4 years of marriage. I’m grateful for the time with my kids while they are so little and grateful for the hardwork of my husband to allow me to walk away from my paying career…

I’m working at being better at carving time for myself and my creative endeavors, this space included in that. But I’m hopeful to find myself here a few times this month and then more and more in the subsequent months. Little by little, right?

Alright, it’s nearly time for a nap for the baby and dinner prep is calling my name. Hope to be back here soon.


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