Health Update

Since our pregnancy with August was a confirmed partial molar pregnancy, I am required to have my HCG levels monitored for up to a year post-miscarriage. This also means we can’t try for another baby until (most likely) next summer.

After our loss, I had weekly blood draws to ensure my HCG level dropped down to a non-pregnant level. It took 9 weeks before I finally hit that mark, and then I needed two more weekly draws to ensure it stayed at the appropriate level. So after 11 weeks of blood draws every Thursday, I had a bit of a reprieve.

Since my levels dropped and then maintained at non-pregnant levels, I was able to wait a month between readings. Today I had my first monthly draw and will go in to see my doctor on Tuesday. It’s hard to believe it’s already been 3.5 months since we lost August. I miss my boy.

**ETA: My HCG level was great! I’ll be getting draws around the 15th of the month for the next few months, and go back to my doctor in January. More recent studies call for tracking HCG levels for 6 months-1 year, and January is 6 months from our first normal level reading. As long as all remains normal to that point, I may be released from blood draws in January!


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