Back to School 2018

And just like that, summer is over and it’s back to work for me. Well, back to work with kiddos… I’ve been back since the 1st, but Meet the Teacher is on Wednesday and students start on Thursday. I can hardly believe how quickly the summer has gone!

I’ll be teaching once again at a local Catholic grade school as the middle school’s science teacher. I teach 6th-8th grade, about 150 students. I fully believe this is my vocation (to teach middle schoolers) but man is it exhausting!

I am incredibly grateful that my school eases us all into the school routine. We start on a Thursday and have two half days. It’s a hard adjustment for teachers, parents, and students alike, but having two half days allows us all to settle in before a full week of school!

Next week I’ll write a post about how J and I manage adding my school schedule back into the routine. We each have a pretty good commute to work. I have about a 25 minute drive, and J has an hour and 15 minute drive. We’re hoping to move in a few months to a better midpoint location to shorten his drive and lengthen mine. But for now, this teacher needs to continue setting up her classroom and planning engaging lessons for her kiddos!


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