19 Goals for 2019

New Year, New Me, right? Well, change doesn’t happen overnight, but it is important to reflect and look forward from time to time. A new calendar year is a perfect opportunity for that. One could also spend the time to reflect and look ahead at their birthday or start of a new school year, or a couple on their wedding anniversary.

Our anniversary is December 30th, and J and I took the time to talk and discuss ways to grow in our next year of marriage. I found the idea from Stephanie Weinart at Everyday Beautiful’s “Dream Date“. We focused on the themes of faith, family, finances, fitness, and fun. It was really great to talk about what went well and how we could continue to grow this year. We had the conversation on our long drive back from Chicago, but I like the idea of making a date night out of it, too!

Looking at our goals for this coming year, I thought it would help me/us stay accountable if I posted the goals here as well. Some of these goals are my own and other goals are for our family.

  1. Switch parishes to the church next door!
  2. Pray Rosary two-three times a week.
  3. Complete two Bible Studies.
  4. Go to Confession every other month.
  5. Every other weekend, have unplugged time together.
  6. Stick to a shared Weekly/Monthly Calendar.
  7. Maintain “lazy” meal planning and grocery shopping every other week.
  8. Find and stick to a cleaning routine.
  9. Pay off J’s car.
  10. Maintain at least $X000 in savings account.
  11. Increase college loan payment to $XXX.
  12. Work out four times a week.
  13. Run twice a week.
  14. Print off wedding pictures and frame around the house
  15. Try two new recipes a month.
  16. Plan and go on one vacation, just the two of us!
  17. Visit 4 new baseball stadiums.
  18. Read 20 books.
  19. Blog every Saturday.

I’ll post an update on this list every few months!


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